Monday, November 26, 2007

Rollie Free's Business Cards

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I had only one visit with Rollie Free, on Sunday, September 14, 1980. We met for about three hours at the Free's apartment in Hollywood. Near the end of the visit, Rollie showed me some business cards, commenting, "A fella from Massachusetts made me these business cards." I said, "Can I have one?" Rollie answered, "You can have as many as you want." I picked up six cards, then asked Rollie if he would autograph one to me, which is the card you see here. I then asked him to sign his name on the back of another card. Rollie died four weeks later. I kept that second signed card, waiting to find the right recipient, until September 21, 2000 -- 20 years and one week. At Bonneville, with the famous "Bathing Suit Bike" on its first return visit, I presented the second card to the motorcycle's owner, Herb Harris.