Thursday, November 22, 2007

Previously Unpublished Picture #2

To enlarge the picture, click on it. To return to the blog-page format, click on the "back" symbol of your browser. From Rick Moore, keeper of the Rody Rodenburg collection, and copier Drew Crafton, comes this picture of Rollie Free (right) and Rody Rodenburg. The 101 Scout racer is the same as pictured on page 26 of "Flat Out!...." The number "17" can just be made out on the front number plate. The page-26 bike also displays "17" but with the number-plate on the side and Rodenburg wearing a different sweater. Note the brick road. This confirms the Jacksonville, Florida, race course (because of the page-28 and page-30 photos) for both the page-26 photo and this posted photo. Note the two cars in the background. These are the same two cars in the page-26 photo. Since Rodenburg won the 1935 Jacksonville 200 on a Sport Scout (page 28 and 30 photos), and the Jacksonville 200 was run only in 1934 and 1935, these data confirm this posted picture and the page-26 photo are scenes from the 1934 Jacksonville 200. Evidently, this posted photo and the page-26 photo represent two different days at the 1934 race meet, a practice day and race day.

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